A passion for quality.

Built on a desire to deliver homes perfect for a lifetime of memories.

In a Warwickshire home you will feel our devotion to quality down to the finer details. We pride ourselves in our thoughtful approach to building homes that support you with your everyday needs. Our desire is to create the right environment for you to have a comfortable space to call home.

30+ years ago we set out to build a home where our own family could enjoy shared precious moments and the comfort of traditions passed down through generations. Today, three decades later, that ideal has not changed and continues to drive us with every home we build.

Our story is about families.

Creating homes for you to fill with precious moments is our family business.

We choose to live in the Lower Mainland, and build homes and communities in neighbourhoods we know. After moving from the United Kingdom, we have fallen in love with the West Coast lifestyle and have raised our families here. We are passionate about providing experiences for families so that they too can appreciate and enjoy living here the same way we do.

Warwickshire Homes celebrates the idea that choice is a blessing and that families can choose where they want to live. Every decision we make in building a home is so that you know you are making the right choice to live in a Warwickshire home.

Warwickshire Homes is proud to be the builder for the 2024 Hometown Heroes Lottery prize home.

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What we want is simple.

To build a home you will love.

How we achieve that is through countless hours of planning and careful decision making where we imagine you and your family enjoying and utilizing a Warwickshire home.

We have built homes for over 30 years and with that experience we are confident about implementing what we intend. Those decades are the foundation and the many families who are in a Warwickshire home now are our testament. We are proud of our past successes and these fuel our passion to continue on delivering and growing.

Our name comes from our roots. We honour those roots in the name Warwickshire Homes so we don’t forget the incredible environment and neighbourhoods that helped form our values and family traditions. The work we do here in the Lower Mainland, in where we chose to settle, is to celebrate our journey to be here, exactly where we want to be.

The idea that everyone has choices is what makes us want to be better. Your family, like ours, can choose where you want to live. We endeavour to make the choice easy in choosing a Warwickshire home.

Our Neighbours are Extended Family.

Showing our love for local communities.

Lending A Hand, established to provide resources that accelerate positive community change, while focused on children and youth-based needs, is one of the organizations we are proud to support. We can see the impact of their work in communities we call home.

We are committed to supporting the communities we build in. For every Warwickshire home sold, a donation is made to a local charity that supports families in need. We have supported and will continue to support events and organizations in the local community now and into the future.

Our Team is Family.

We are committed to working with partners that share our values and passion.


Established in 1980, Fifth Avenue specializes in the marketing and sales of new residential communities for developers throughout BC. They are a market leader in key neighbourhoods in suburban areas of the Fraser Valley. Through strategic partnerships they are also involved in the sales and marketing in communities with similar characteristics to our suburban market such as Kelowna and Vancouver Island.



Barnett Dembek Architects Inc. (BDA) based in Surrey, British Columbia was established in 2000. They deal with a wide spectrum of project types including, multi-family housing developments, commercial/retail developments, corporate office and educational facilities.

With a highly qualified team dedicated to ensure client satisfaction on every level, BDA strive to go beyond the norm of providing just a service. They are committed to architectural and design excellence.


Interior Design

The Collaborative Design Studio is a Full-Service Interior Design Firm based in the Greater Vancouver Area. They stay true to our innovative process and collectively approach every new project as an exciting and creative opportunity. It is their objective to bring accessible quality appointed design details to each and every project.



With over 40 years of experience, Focus Architecture has been serving the BC development community with high quality designs in a range of projects which include multi family, commercial & Mixed use. As recognized leaders in developing innovative solutions to our designs, we are committed to working collaboratively to produce high quality projects and communities.


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